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TurnSignal for TradeStation - FREE for One Full Year

Now you can give yourself one year of TurnSignal and the TurnSignal Indicators for the TradeStation platform and TradeStation will generously reimburse your cost of the annual subscription by giving you a 20% discount on your monthly commissions until the full annual subscription to TurnSignal has been repaid.

This offer is available to those who open and fund new accounts with TradeStation for a minimum of US$5,000. Adding an IRA or an account for a wife or even a 2nd clone account will count as a new account. (Unfortunately, TradeStation is unable to make this offer for Forex trades.)

You will also receive whichever current promotion is being offered by TradeStation, in addition to this great offer. Currently, new accounts are able to trade commission free for the rest of this year (up to US$600), so you will receive one year of TurnSignal and the TurnSignal Indicators, free commissions this year (up to US$600) and then a 20% discount on your TradeStation commissions after that. This is truly a great deal!

Once you have paid TurnSignal our fully discounted rate of US$1,299 for an annual subscription, you will be directed to a TradeStation representative who will enter a special promotional code which will entitle you to a 20% discount on your commissions for the new account until your TurnSignal subscription fee has been repaid. This 20% discount on commissions is a special offer not even offered to large volume traders.


Eligible Users Download Your TurnSignal Indicators Free Trial.