What You Need to use TurnSignal on eSignal.

1. The eSignal Software Package     and     an active eSignal "Premier" account.

2. The TurnSignal Software Package     and     an active TurnSignal account.

It's easy, just follow the links you need below.

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I need an eSignal Account

We are pleased that eSignal will also provide a
30-Day Low Cost* Trial
of their eSignal "Premier" service to new subscribers and to those who have not had an active eSignal account in the past 12 months.

To receive this valuable benefit, you must be a new TurnSignal user and register for eSignal service with

Mr. Scott Wilks.

Please phone him, toll free, at:

1 800 322 1819

or, better still, eMail him directly:

Get Two Months for the Price of One

New TurnSignal clients who have had an active eSignal account in the past 12 months but are no longer active, can pay the first month to reactivate their eSignal Account and get TurnSignal free for 30 days. After that you will receive the second month of eSignal service at NO-CHARGE. (subject to exchange fees)!

Contact eSignal, above for details and eligibility.

Get eSignal Software

If you have contacted eSignal to open an account and have not yet downloaded the software, you can

Please note: For compatibility with the TurnSignal Software, please allow eSignal to install in its default (C:\Program Files) location.


I am an established eSignal user.

Please check out the terms of our Free-Trial offer, then simply Register and Download the software.

If you are not yet an eSignal subscriber, follow the instructions on the left to open a new eSignal account.

(Please Note: You cannot continue this download process until you have an eSignal UserName. Bookmark this page and return when eSignal is installed and running on your computer.)

This is a "No Obligation" Trial.

We are pleased to offer our new clients a
30-Day Free* Trial
of TurnSignal and The TurnSignal Indicators.

At the end of the 30-Day trial period this copy of TurnSignal will simply cease to function. If you wish to continue to enjoy the benefits of TurnSignal after the 30-Day trial ends, all you have to do is go to the "Subscribe" page on our TurnSignal.biz web site to continue the license on a month-by-month basis at US$169 per month. Extended period subscriptions are also available at substantially discounted prices.

When you Click the button below you will be forwarded to our Software Registration Form where you be asked for your eSignal Username and other information we need to register the software. After a successful registration, you should download the software package and complete the installation process.

(Caution: Please do not use your browser Back button
during the registration process.)

DownLoad A Copy Of The Software

Registered users can download multiple copies of the software.
Simply click the Download button below:

This Version of The TurnSignal Indicators has been tested with eSignal 10.1 and above and with eSignal 11 on both 32 and 64 Bit systems.

*eSignal and TurnSignal.biz waive their regular service fees for the 30-Day trial period. eSignal charges a U$25 Activation Fee. Customers may also be responsible for "exchange fees" depending on the markets traded. To see an eSignal fee schedule see:  eSignal Pricing